1. Stanley, Stanley And Stanley: The Great Nowhere
    Stanley, Stanley And Stanley

  2. Stanley, Stanley And Stanley: The Great Nowhere (cassette version with bonus tracks)

  3. Beautitude
    Steven Tetzloff

  4. Fever In My Pocket
    The Challanger

  5. The Guild
    Mario Scherrer

  6. Hit-Breaker
    Nick Porsche

  7. Deutsche Hitparade Vega 2000
    Nick Porsche

  8. Ds Läbe Vorem Tod

  9. Flyspecks Buzzworld
    Steven Tetzloff, Mauro Aragon

  10. The Sex Sells! EP

  11. The Sad Dance
    Hi Claire

  12. Sonique Suisse (1988 compilation)

  13. This Is Guitar Town (1987 Geneva Compilation)

  14. Chart Attack (a compilation from Smalltown, Switzerland, 1986)

  15. Splendid - The Sound Of Young Switzerland - The 1984 Cassingles Collection

  16. Rote Fabrik 31 Jan 1992
    Pull My Daisy

  17. De Pravda: On est comme des fourmis (lost 7 track album to download, 1983)
    De Pravda

  18. Unvergängliche Schweizer Volksmusik
    Bruder Bernhard

  19. Patriotemix Single Sammlung
    Bruder Bernhard

  20. Live At CBGB's (1988 fanclub only tape)
    Pull My Daisy

  21. Bébé Taxi (single)
    Pull My Daisy

  22. Kassettenmassaker Perfomance @ Virus 2013 (50 Years of K7)

  23. La Trilogie De l'Amour
    Hotcha And The Teenage Lesbians From Hell

  24. More rough mixes
    Hotcha And The Teenage Lesbians From Hell

  25. Rough Mix: In My Time Of Dying. Probably the same as on the album, don't remember...
    Hotcha And The Teenage Lesbians From Hell

  26. First live demo
    Hotcha And The Teenage Lesbians From Hell

  27. Kim Salmon: Fish Rides High In The Sedel (no download, lim. cassette)

  28. The Real Boney M.
    Pull My Daisy

  29. Pull My Daisy: Hoochie Coochie Man
    Pull My Daisy

  30. Nisus Anal Furgler: Waini Schuft
    Nisus Anal Furgler

  31. You Turn Me On
    Pull My Daisy

  32. 1. 2. 3. 4. Salopard Sur Ton Char Leopard

  33. Stars On Cro2

  34. Nisus Anal Furgler
    Nisus Anal Furgler

  35. Polyvix: Verbotene Liebe


Calypso Now Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Calypso Now was founded in 1983 by Hotcha as a cassette label. In his first 5 years the label released ~200 tapes, mostly licenced from labels from all over the world, but mainly the US, UK and Germany. Then it went into hiatus until 2010, when it reappeared with new releases and rereleases. Unsystematically, lack of time. But still important. Some stuff will be bandcamped. Look on Discogs too! ... more

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